Sunday, October 13, 2013

Copy that--Williams Sonoma inspired pumpkin seed brittle

Over a year ago I ordered one thing from Williams-Sonoma (special cookie cutters for a party I threw) and ever since then I have been getting their catalogs.  While it's fun to peruse their catalog when it comes in the mail, I haven't purchased anything else and really can't imagine myself buying anything since they are quiet pricey.  The October catalog however peaked my interest when I saw they were selling a unique Halloween/fall treat...Pumpkin Seed Brittle! 
I knew I wanted to try making that especially since I saw the price tag, nearly $30 for 1 pound...yowzers! 
So I did a little hunting and thanks to the internet, I found this simple and tasty Pumpkin Seed Brittle recipe.  I had all of the ingredients already in my cupboards except for the pumpkin seeds, light corn syrup and the candy thermometer; so those items had to be purchased.  Those items cost me around $10 or less and I have left over seeds and plenty of corn syrup to make more batches! Although Williams-Sonoma has their cute tin and all for their pumpkin seed brittle, I was glad I could make the treat at home for way less!
It's a unique alternative to peanut brittle and just the perfect goodie to share with family and friends this season!