Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{C + C}

One year ago yesterday {6-25-11} this is what I was up to...
I can't believe Clint and I have been married for a year!  Thankfully we have beautiful photos to remember that special and whirlwind day.  Here's a few of my favorites that show all of the hard work our families put in to make our wedding day special.  
To celebrate this special day we're going to get away this coming weekend, but last night I made a special dinner for us of crab legs, steak, lemon risotto, homemade french bread, and butter lettuce-avocado salad.  A little bit of wedding ambiance was channeled with the decorations.
I love this man for being by my side, good days and bad.  Encouraging me and being my support.  Cheers to making more memories! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh Boy! A baby shower

I had the opportunity a couple of days ago to throw a baby shower for my girlfriend Kim that is having her first baby in just a few short weeks.  I had a great time planning and getting the event together for her since her and her husband don't have any family nearby and they've quickly become close friends of ours.  My parent's backyard was the perfect place for the soiree since they have plenty of seating and it's an inviting space.  Kim was so pleased to have friends come show her (and the baby!) some love and she even had her mom come in to town for this special celebration. 
the theme of the shower was "Oh Boy" since they're having a boy
Kim {baby} and me.  Love that we're coordinating!
guests could play in a few guessing games
gifts were placed in the red wagon
rice crispy treats on sticks fit perfectly into this little vintage wagon
clothes pins were used as "food tags"
savory artichoke cheese dip paired perfectly with fresh baguette slices
mini mixed berry pies--same recipe I shared before, just minus the stick

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simply delicious sweet potato fries

The dinner menu at our house this week is a bit on the, well... simple side.  With Clint's work in full swing and my preparations for this week's baby shower I'm throwing for one of my girlfriends, I've kept the meal plans quick and easy.  Tonight was buffalo chicken sandwiches that I haven't made in a while (I've decided I need to make them more because they are tasty!) and I opted for pairing them with a new recipe of sweet potato fries.  I was a little nervous since I have high expectations for my new-found favorite version of fries, but to my delight...the recipe was simply delicious!  I took the advice of people who had rated the recipe and put the oven temperature to 425 degrees and they turned out just right!  My only complaint was that I didn't make a bigger batch! 
I'm looking forward to the next week and a half of festivities because the shower I'm throwing is only the beginning of exciting celebrations!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrating dad's day

This Sunday is the day Father's day is observed, but it seems to be a reminder to me that we don't need to have a designated day to celebrate the ones we love, we can do it everyday!  With both sets of parents living nearby, we have the opportunity to spend time with both dads this weekend and let them know how much we appreciate all they do for us.  We'll be with Clint's dad and family Sunday, but tonight we were able to have my dad and mom over to have a dad's day celebration dinner.  I took this opportunity to do a more rustic and summer-inspired table setting using mason jars, burlap, plaid, branches and a little bit greenery.  I was able to snag the fabulous tinware and mason jar-style mugs from my mom that happen to be the very dishes my siblings and I grew up using!
A simple little gift of a pack of root beer and movie tickets slipped in the card seemed like a great token of appreciation for the wonderful dads we have in our lives!  
Hope you all have a great Father's day weekend celebrating the men you admire in your life!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finders Keepers: stripes and hounds tooth

Have you ever gone into a store in search of a specific item that has been advertised as being on sale, only to be disappointed that there are slim pickings of that item and that the few left are all the wrong color, size, etc?!  I had this experience this last week as I trekked to the store Tuesday Morning since my mom told me that futon covers were on sale, but I was sadly disappointed when I only found two of them left on the shelf in colors that wouldn't match any room in my house.  Just as I thought my shopping trip was a failure, I turned the corned to found this round serving tray that jumped out at me.  I was so excited since I've been thinking I need something graphic in a non-rectangle shape to hang on the TV wall in the living room.  I love the yellow and white stripes paired with the natural print on the inside of the tray.

As I kept perusing the aisles I spotted this striking green and white hounds tooth wrapping paper.  For only $1.99 I decided I needed to buy it since I can certainly find a creative way to use it at some point. 

I'm loving the look when these items are put together!  Such a fun and modern twist on classic items/patterns!  

So I may have not found exactly what I was looking for when I went into the store Tuesday Morning, but I was pleasantly surprised to walk away with these items that I'm super inspired by!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Berry Pie Pops!

We've been getting a couple of needed house projects done in the last couple of weeks and we've been lucky enough to have the extra hands and equipment of some family and friends.  As a thank you to one of these handy helpers (my awesome neighbor who let me borrow her steam cleaner!), I decided I needed to make the berry pie pop recipe I've been eager to try out. 
The mini pies turned out pretty decent for a first try and I can't wait to try them again soon since I'm currently in love with all desserts that you can serve on a stick!  But of course these pies can be made without a stick in them for a single serving treat (which gives me ideas for a shower I'm throwing at the end of the month!)  
Give the pies a try, they're a great little treat to give away or make for an easy serve dessert!