Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh Boy! A baby shower

I had the opportunity a couple of days ago to throw a baby shower for my girlfriend Kim that is having her first baby in just a few short weeks.  I had a great time planning and getting the event together for her since her and her husband don't have any family nearby and they've quickly become close friends of ours.  My parent's backyard was the perfect place for the soiree since they have plenty of seating and it's an inviting space.  Kim was so pleased to have friends come show her (and the baby!) some love and she even had her mom come in to town for this special celebration. 
the theme of the shower was "Oh Boy" since they're having a boy
Kim {baby} and me.  Love that we're coordinating!
guests could play in a few guessing games
gifts were placed in the red wagon
rice crispy treats on sticks fit perfectly into this little vintage wagon
clothes pins were used as "food tags"
savory artichoke cheese dip paired perfectly with fresh baguette slices
mini mixed berry pies--same recipe I shared before, just minus the stick

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  1. What a cute shower... I plan to steal many ideas of yours:)