Monday, June 4, 2012

Berry Pie Pops!

We've been getting a couple of needed house projects done in the last couple of weeks and we've been lucky enough to have the extra hands and equipment of some family and friends.  As a thank you to one of these handy helpers (my awesome neighbor who let me borrow her steam cleaner!), I decided I needed to make the berry pie pop recipe I've been eager to try out. 
The mini pies turned out pretty decent for a first try and I can't wait to try them again soon since I'm currently in love with all desserts that you can serve on a stick!  But of course these pies can be made without a stick in them for a single serving treat (which gives me ideas for a shower I'm throwing at the end of the month!)  
Give the pies a try, they're a great little treat to give away or make for an easy serve dessert! 

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