Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finders Keepers: stripes and hounds tooth

Have you ever gone into a store in search of a specific item that has been advertised as being on sale, only to be disappointed that there are slim pickings of that item and that the few left are all the wrong color, size, etc?!  I had this experience this last week as I trekked to the store Tuesday Morning since my mom told me that futon covers were on sale, but I was sadly disappointed when I only found two of them left on the shelf in colors that wouldn't match any room in my house.  Just as I thought my shopping trip was a failure, I turned the corned to found this round serving tray that jumped out at me.  I was so excited since I've been thinking I need something graphic in a non-rectangle shape to hang on the TV wall in the living room.  I love the yellow and white stripes paired with the natural print on the inside of the tray.

As I kept perusing the aisles I spotted this striking green and white hounds tooth wrapping paper.  For only $1.99 I decided I needed to buy it since I can certainly find a creative way to use it at some point. 

I'm loving the look when these items are put together!  Such a fun and modern twist on classic items/patterns!  

So I may have not found exactly what I was looking for when I went into the store Tuesday Morning, but I was pleasantly surprised to walk away with these items that I'm super inspired by!

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