Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the job

While I would love to be a blogger, creative designer, or crafter full-time, I do currently have to go to a regular Monday to Friday job to pay the bills {which I am very grateful for!}  :) 
While the daily grind isn't always as exhilarating as finishing a furniture "make-over" project or finding some spectacular at the thrift store, I still try to have little pieces of inspiration at my desk to keep me going. 
My shelf of inspiration with some decor and several photos.  On the left is a button bouquet my mom and nieces made for me.  Of course a little "initial" addition is needed with my yellow C!  
And a couple of my favorite wedding photos and family photos are on display.  I love being able to have those to look at. 
Another board of pictures sits on my desk next to my computer. 
My pen holder, mug {for oatmeal & hot cocoa} and few other desk items have owls on them.  Most of these were gifts from my mom since I had quite a love for all things owls a couple of years ago.
So that is a sneak peak at what I look at during the daily grind.  Well, actually I look at a computer all day, but that's not as fun to share ; )

Friday, February 22, 2013

Giveaway winner and a little Spring fever!

I'm excited to announce that the winner of our first giveaway is...
Ms. Emily Davies! (like my method?  Pulling a name out of a cup!)    
Emily, ahead and email me your address and this fun little burlap banner is yours!!
Besides the giveaway winner, there appears to be something on my mind...Spring fever!  All sorts of things around me point to my secret desire for the season to officially change to Spring!  I love the colors of the Spring season along with the thought of being outdoors! 
Here's a few of the things that are fueling my enthusiasm for the upcoming season...
These fun measuring spoons were a find at Cost Plus and happen to be the colors I have in my kitchen
This wrapping paper was a find at Marshall's a while ago, and I'm just now using it for gift wrapping and possibly other projects (yet to be determined!)  I love the pastel colors and nod to Spring the print seems to have!

Maybe this Spring I'll get some gardening done!  My mom gave me a copy of this magazine and I'm hoping to get inspired! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be mine Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!  I hope you feel the love from friends, family and your sweetheart! ;) 
Thought I'd share just a couple quick things before I head out the door...

The reminder in our home for this month
The cute Valetine from my mom to me & Clint
Little Valetine goodie bags for my lil sweetheart girls at church
Valetine cookies for Clint and my co-workers
Well I hope you all have a "love"ly day ;)  Remember you have until Sunday to enter for the giveaway! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

One year blog-iversary and a giveaway!!!

It is officially one year since I embarked on my blogging adventure, well, actually it was one year as of January, but time flew by.  I have loved being able to share my fun finds, craft projects, party planning, cooking successes and so much more on this blog and especially have enjoyed making YOU part of it.  Even if it's only a couple of friends and family that have been following along, having this outlet gives me an excuse to let the creative ideas I day dream of, come to life. 
With the commemoration of my one year blog-iversary, I figured I needed to include you all in on the celebration!  I've decided I wanted to have my first ever giveaway!  This is just a little something that you might be able to include in your next celebration {birthday party, fiesta, holiday}. 
This party/decorative banner is about six feet long and is made out of oh-so versatile burlap!  You can see my latest party banner {have I told you how much I love party banners?!} that I created, here for ideas of what to do with this pretty little thing if you win it! 
So what do you have to do to win?  Just leave a comment on this post telling me what you're favorite things to decorate {ie: flowers? streamers? etc.} for a party or celebration are.  Don't throw parties or celebrations?  Just tell me the thing you loved seeing at the last party or celebration you went to.  You will then have your name "thrown into the hat" to have a winner pulled for the prize. 
I look forward to seeing what you have to share!  Next Sunday, February 17th is the last day to leave a comment and the winner will be posted within the next couple says after that. 
Thanks for following along!