Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the job

While I would love to be a blogger, creative designer, or crafter full-time, I do currently have to go to a regular Monday to Friday job to pay the bills {which I am very grateful for!}  :) 
While the daily grind isn't always as exhilarating as finishing a furniture "make-over" project or finding some spectacular at the thrift store, I still try to have little pieces of inspiration at my desk to keep me going. 
My shelf of inspiration with some decor and several photos.  On the left is a button bouquet my mom and nieces made for me.  Of course a little "initial" addition is needed with my yellow C!  
And a couple of my favorite wedding photos and family photos are on display.  I love being able to have those to look at. 
Another board of pictures sits on my desk next to my computer. 
My pen holder, mug {for oatmeal & hot cocoa} and few other desk items have owls on them.  Most of these were gifts from my mom since I had quite a love for all things owls a couple of years ago.
So that is a sneak peak at what I look at during the daily grind.  Well, actually I look at a computer all day, but that's not as fun to share ; )

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