Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Churched up" chicken

Anytime something is done up to be a little more pretty/dressed up than usual, Clint calls it "churched up".  If there is any food item that can easily be churched up, it's chicken! 
I'm a huge fan of chicken, it's relatively inexpensive, it's an excellent source of lean protein, and it can take on a vast array of flavors. 
Since I am known to make chicken the main dish in our dinners several nights a week, I recently decided I needed to add a new chicken recipe to my repertoire.  
And thus the scrumptious {and surprisingly easy} Chicken Cordon Bleu was tested and approved in my kitchen.  Before making this recipe the only memory I had of chicken cordon bleu was having it as a special dinner for a holiday, but it was pre-packaged and hardly home-made. 
With this simple recipe, home-made chicken cordon bleu can easily become a family favorite to have during holidays or a special celebration...or in our case, as a filling main course for dinner with friends.
pounding out the chicken in preparation to be "rolled"

baking in the oven...looks so tasty!

hot and ready to be served
The crispiness of the outside coating along with the creamy cheese is so yummy!  Yeah for chicken dinners with a little bit of dressiness {aka churched up chicken!}

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