Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrifty wardrobe

Pretty soon here I'm going on vacation (yeah, long over due!) and probably like many of you I decided I wanted needed some new clothes to bring on my trip.  After all the our trip will include cooler weather and I want to have fun dressing up too!  So, I have been trading in my normal home décor hunting at thrift stores lately for fall wardrobe hunting.  Here are some of the finds I picked up and will be taking on our trip (with some other staples already in my closet).
Three great pairs of jeans as well a pair of purple pants that are different than my normal attire, but were too fun to pass up
I found a cozy sweater, a casual gray striped shirt and two light weight jackets that will be great for layering
A simple gray dress and a little bit more fancy turquoise dress for our evening adventures on our trip
And of course wardrobe shopping wouldn't be complete without shoes!  I found these deep purple heals and these super cute nautical inspired flats that I think will go great with a couple of outfits
thrift shopping
So, the most exciting part about all these fun fall clothes I found is the price...$70 for all of this!!  Seriously, way better than going to the mall!  Mixed in with some things I already have, these "new" pieces are an inexpensive solution to my fall and vacation wardrobe needs! 
Come visit me again soon on here...I'm sure I'll post about our vacation! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Make it over: old record storage to craft cabinet

More than a year ago I snagged this old cabinet at a yard sale that was originally for record storage.  While the piece had good bones, it definitely needed work to be usable and presentable.  For only $5 I decided to take it home with me and make it over.  So...more than a year later I finally got to it! 
I wanted to make the cabinet clean and functional, so I knocked out the pieces of wood inside the cabinet so I could utilize the space more.  I then painted the whole cabinet a clean white and added new nickel hardware.  For the inside shelves I put down cute chevron contact paper.
The cabinet now is a perfect space for all my stacks of craft paper and other creating supplies.  I love this addition to our office right next to my craft desk!  I have to admit, after I finished the cabinet and put it in the office I got a little giddy about having a clean inspiring space to work in!