Friday, August 9, 2013

Make it over: old record storage to craft cabinet

More than a year ago I snagged this old cabinet at a yard sale that was originally for record storage.  While the piece had good bones, it definitely needed work to be usable and presentable.  For only $5 I decided to take it home with me and make it over.  So...more than a year later I finally got to it! 
I wanted to make the cabinet clean and functional, so I knocked out the pieces of wood inside the cabinet so I could utilize the space more.  I then painted the whole cabinet a clean white and added new nickel hardware.  For the inside shelves I put down cute chevron contact paper.
The cabinet now is a perfect space for all my stacks of craft paper and other creating supplies.  I love this addition to our office right next to my craft desk!  I have to admit, after I finished the cabinet and put it in the office I got a little giddy about having a clean inspiring space to work in!   


  1. Love it Camie! You are so talented and crafty!

  2. Super adorable! Love the hardware. :)

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