Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrating dad's day

This Sunday is the day Father's day is observed, but it seems to be a reminder to me that we don't need to have a designated day to celebrate the ones we love, we can do it everyday!  With both sets of parents living nearby, we have the opportunity to spend time with both dads this weekend and let them know how much we appreciate all they do for us.  We'll be with Clint's dad and family Sunday, but tonight we were able to have my dad and mom over to have a dad's day celebration dinner.  I took this opportunity to do a more rustic and summer-inspired table setting using mason jars, burlap, plaid, branches and a little bit greenery.  I was able to snag the fabulous tinware and mason jar-style mugs from my mom that happen to be the very dishes my siblings and I grew up using!
A simple little gift of a pack of root beer and movie tickets slipped in the card seemed like a great token of appreciation for the wonderful dads we have in our lives!  
Hope you all have a great Father's day weekend celebrating the men you admire in your life!

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