Monday, May 27, 2013

Finders keepers: neighborhood nostalgia & thrifty treasures {along with a little something extra!}

Last Saturday I hopped on my bike and visited a yard sale on the next street over.  I had seen hints at this neighbor's house a couple of days before, eluding to an upcoming yard sale.  I was so glad when I rolled up on my bike to see the yard sale was going on and that once again they had awesome junk stuff that I couldn't pass up.  This house was the place where I purchased our very utilized and loved porch table last year. 
With just a few dollars in my pocket, I was able to score some fun items to keep, gift and possibly sell. 

Sell you say?  Yes, sell is exactly what I said!  I had the thought the week before this yard sale that maybe I needed to open a vintage shop on Etsy!  Truth be told, I've had the dream at several times in my life to one day have an antique shop possibly with my mom.  Having an online Etsy shop seems like a much more realistic and low risk way to go.  So my goal is to open an Etsy shop this summer!  I will be keeping you all posted of the "opening" of my shop!
So, with my little vintage shop on the brain, I went to Goodwill today with my sister-in-laws.  After all, most everything was 50% off for the holiday... holler!  I found a couple more goodies that were too fun to not purchase and I think could be nice additions to the shop.  I especially love the plaid thermos! 
I look forward to bringing more vintage goodies to y'all and "opening shop" very soon.  What do you think of the finds and starting an Etsy shop?! 

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