Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finders Keepers: run by rummage sale items

This last Saturday started just the way I like, with a nice little run!  But, unlike most of my runs, I happened to "shop" during my run.  May sound weird, but I couldn't help myself!  I was only a block into my run when I noticed one of my neighbors having a yard sale and I spotted something I wanted, and it was at the right price!  Since I was in go mode I decided to go on my run and risk someone else snatching up what I had eyed.  Thankfully when I returned from my run I was pleasantly surprised to see my treasure still there!  I was able to get the nice neighbors/sellers to hold the item for me while I ran home and explained to Clint that we needed to get some cash and drive the truck around the corner.  Thankfully he is so sweet and didn't think twice, we jumped in the truck and picked up...
This lovely, bright, white outside table!  And, it was only $15! 

And just as I was about to load up the table into the truck, I had to peak at the other items they had and spotted a few more things I had to have!  These extra items ended up only being an additional $6!  I was so excited to snag some great objects for the inside and outside of our home!
I love this vintage wash basin & pitcher!  It was a great addition to the table on Mother's day filled with some flowers from the yard
I had to have these metal letters!  I actually also bought a "S" but I gave it to my mom since I knew she would put it to good use
Last, but not least I scored this cute apothecary jar.  I already have several jars around the house, but I didn't have one like this...it was too cute to pass up!
Looking at all these items together kind of makes me feel a "cottage" theme, which could be perfect in the den...whenever I get to that project! 

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