Monday, August 6, 2012

The essentials

Things have pretty bust around our house the last week or so, and it's made me realize how much I appreciate when I have time to make a home cooked meal.  Not only is it cheaper to make a meal at home, but I enjoy being able to make something tasty to enjoy with my family and friends. 
There are several things I always have on hand in the kitchen to either make an impromptu dish or fix a well planned feast.

Chicken breasts, having a 10 lb bag of chicken breast on hand never goes to waste!  Chicken is often my go-to protein since it can be made simple by throwing in a barbeque chicken pizza or fancied up by stuffing the chicken breast with delicious goodies.
White grape juice, this is a great substitute when a recipe calls for white wine. 
Chicken broth, whether its mixed into a savory soup or added into risotto, having broth on hand makes cooking many dishes super easy
Onions, no matter the style of the dish--Italian, Mexican or Greek--onions add crunch and a little bite that I love
Garlic, the pungent flavor of garlic is something I love in dishes from meatballs to potatoes
Extra virgin olive oil, this is a must have in my kitchen to pan sear or oven roast meats and vegetables

Makes me want to get in the kitchen & get cookin!

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