Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Hart this place!

We spent this last weekend in the great outdoors, camping in Santa Cruz, just steps away from the beach!  While it was relaxing and I finally seemed to get some summer color to my skin, I was especially excited to take an excursion to town for shopping.  Our first stop was at Harts Fabric, a long-standing fabulous fabric shop.  I may not be a stellar seamstress (yet, maybe one day!), but this inspiring shop had my creative juices flowing!  Perusing through the isles of beautiful fabrics and seeing the adorable project displays, I couldn't help but want to sew my heart out!  My mom and I agreed that if this shop was closer to home we would be taking classes there all the time!  Well...maybe it's good it isn't close to home, I could easily become a sewing fanatic!  


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