Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week End...a little bit of this & that

Really, the weekend is just about over?!  Already?!  Once again the weekend was way too short, with too long of a list of things to get done and not enough time, but I can't complain since I feel it was an overall better end of the week than beginning of the week.  
While I may have not gotten the cleaning done that I intended, I finally got some good kitchen time in to try out some new recipes.  

I love cooking with lemons so the lemon-poppy scones were something fun to try.  Although they turned out to be more of a muffin type consistency, they were still tasty without being too tangy or too dense.  
The ingredients for the polenta with mushroom and balsamic sauce are still sitting in the fridge and cupboard, with hopes to make that recipe this coming week.  
With any luck, I'll be able to make time to add to the decorating and organizing I was able to do at the beginning of the week.  

The living room finally seems to look more finished rather than just another "work in progress" with the addition of the wall hangings.  I love the little framed (REAL!) butterfly  that I recently purchased.  It adds a little more nature and whimsy to our main living space.
I especially love making this space comfortable for us since this is the main place we relax and entertain in.  

This yummy candle here is one of the things that I think adds to the soothing "at home" feelings I get when in our living room right now.  I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and am so glad I splurged on it!  I'm not usually one to buy a lot of candles, but as soon as I smelled this, I was hooked!  The sweet, fresh and luxurious scent it gives off is pretty dead on to the smell of my favorite perfume, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.  Seriously, for a couple days after I brought this candle home I couldn't help but pick it up and sniff it each time I walked near it!  The fragrence it brings into our house makes me so happy to be home!

Hopefully you all had a great weekend as well and here's fingers crossed to great upcoming week!

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