Friday, September 7, 2012

Office space

With it officially being the weekend the office should really be the furthest thing from my mind, right?!  But, I can't help but think about inspiring, fabulous and function office spaces since my mom completed the re-do of her home office space recently.  Hopefully one day soon I'll get our home office in order to actually use and be inspired by, but until then I'll drool over my mom's adorable space that perfectly reflects her personality and panache for decorating.  

This media cabinet was a find from a thrift store that my mom re-purposed and is now a great storage space for office necessities that look best tucked away
This vintage-style pendant light from Pottery Barn was the perfect additional light source to tie this work space together (it looks like it was made just for this office!)
An old window is re-purposed to be a memo board adorned with nostalgic notes and memorabilia
Black and green vintage accessories  help tie together the charming space

With everything put together my mom is ready to be inspired while in her home office space.  This  picturesque nook is a great example how any office space should be fun and reflective of the things motivate you to get things create, work and get things done!


  1. Your mom totally rocks at decorating! I love her house and garden! :)

  2. I felt like I just looked at a magazine. She really should submit some of her stuff to magazines, such as Better Homes & Garden. Seriously...she'd get published.

    You're stuff is turning out SO CUTE, SUPER CUTE too!!! You're inspiring. I need to post some things I've done in my little house. Nothing too fancy, but it's starting to look great.