Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day trip to Napa Valley

Last Saturday we woke up early took a road trip to Napa Valley!   You may remember that last year we did an amazing weekend trip there and couldn't stop thinking about it pretty much all year long, so we knew we needed to at least do a day trip this year. 
Our first stop, Bouchon Bakery.  This place is my absolute favorite in all of Napa Valley.  Their selection of breads, pastries, cookies and goodies they make are incredible and beautiful to look at; but most importantly they taste absolutely delicious!  We got our fair share of goodies to have for breakfast, lunch and to enjoy later at home.  Thankfully Bouchon isn't any closer to our house or we'd be in big trouble!
Our next notable stop was at the Bale Grist Mill.  This was a fun historic stop that featured a fully working water and grain mill!  It was a fun tour to learn about the mill's history and see a whole other side of the Napa Valley. 
The mill park was also a great place to have a picnic lunch with sandwiches made out of bread we bought at Bouchon that morning.
As ventured more through the valley, after the mill tour, I decided that we needed to get Clint a cannoli since he wanted to try one.  So we embarked upon a cannoli search!  We finally were able to get one at Tra Vigne in St Helena where I was dubbed the "cannoli girl" by the host that took my order for simply "one cannoli to go"!    It was worth the adventure to find the yummy Italian dessert. 
After our day of adventures, we had our last stop at a Michelin star restaurant, Terra, for our anniversary dinner.   The restaurant was intimate and the service was stellar.  The quality of the food was superb, but we had to admit afterwards that the dinner wasn't exactly what we expected and we probably would make Terra just a one time dining experience.  It was a fun experience though and the fusion that the Japanese born and classically French trained chef brought to the multiple-course style menu was exciting.  
At the end of our fun foodie day in the Napa Valley we were tired, but once again determined that the trip was so worth it and we just might have to do it again next year! 
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