Tuesday, January 17, 2012

welcome home

Don't you love the idea of coming home after being away all day at work or after a long trip?  I do!  There's nothing like being in a space all your own, well... maybe not completely your own--there are those children, the husband, or roommates, but you get the jest of it!  Home rules!  I especially love how I feel cozy and good about being home before I even step in the door, thanks to my welcoming front door wreath.
This is one of my first craft projects that I did when I first moved in to our little place was this cute wreath.  It's made out of a simple craft twig wreath and felt with a handy-dandy glue gun.  To make the little rosettes I just traced a CD on the felt and then cut it out.  Once the circle was cut out I continued to cut the circle in a spiral shape.  After the spiral was cut out I spun it back in (starting with the center of the spiral) and hot glued the bottom of the rosette to the twig wreath.  Sorry I didn't take step-by-step photos, but I promise it was pretty easy!  It's a great way to say...welcome home!

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