Thursday, March 29, 2012

finders keepers: yellow tennis shoes

The other evening I had some time to myself since Clint was in class so I figured I'd get some shopping done.  No, it's not the fun shopping you'd think of, it was grocery shopping (although I think that can be fun sometimes).  Anyways, I was going to the grocery store, but I figured I needed to check out Goodwill first to see if I could find any goodies for decorating.  On my way around the store I glanced by the shoes section and found myself saying, "Don't mind if I do!" as I spotted these bright yellow tennis shoes!!  Now, you always take a risk when thrifting for clothing items, because there's the high likelihood that the item won't be your right size and then there's not another size.  Luckily in my case, the shoes were just my size!  (Insert Cinderella-type shoe fitting moment here)  And, at only $5 these babies had to come home with me!  Don't they look great in the grass?!  Hello new Spring shoes!!

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