Monday, March 26, 2012

Woodsy wonderland

My Saturday started out pretty peaceful, a long run with some gals from church...and then I came home to a wild, wooded wonderland in my front yard!  Thankfully I was expecting it since we had scheduled to have a very large ash tree removed from our front yard, so it wasn't a big surprise to have wood logs everywhere.    
While the wood was laying in the yard I had the thought that I needed to do something crafty with all this wood!  So here are the pieces that I have saved to do something with at a later date.  You can see how big the tree was in comparison to my shoe. 

With all this wonderful natural wood hanging around it made me think what other wonderful woodsy inspired items are out there on the market this season?   Here's a few of the goods I discovered and was inspired by and think you'll be inspired by them too! 

Spring is definitely a great time to let nature (whether it's woodsy, flowery, or something else) inspire home decorating, entertaining and crafting!  Love it!

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