Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The YUM room...aka the dining room

I'm excited to finally start hanging a few things up on the walls in our new place!  I busted out the box of dining room decor the other night and hung up my fun "yum" sign and flanked it with the thrift store plates I bought (each one cost $2 or less!).  The "yum" sign was created by taking a silver tray and hot gluing wooden letters (that I painted yellow!) to the bottom of it.
This is one of my favorite plates on the wall, it's actually two plates!  I just hot glued the floral plate on top of the solid aqua plate for a little extra pop of color.

In the corner of the dining room I have this little yellow bar cart that I got from my mom (yeah for free goodies!) which makes a nice home for the extra glass ware that doesn't fit in the kitchen cabinets.  Go figure, we have less cabinet space in our house than we had in our little apartment.  Of course we don't have any children running around, so this makes a good storage solution for now.

I rediscovered this ceramic tea set that my grandma Arlene made me many
years ago, and I thought it would look perfect on this little cart especially since it is just the right color.

I'm sure I will eventually add more, but I'm excited to start making the dining room my own.

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