Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and a little bit of this and that

Happy Easter to all!  I hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful Spring day especially reflected upon the real meaning of Easter, our Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm very grateful for that died for me and was resurrected, and I was reminded of all He's done for me as I sat in a lesson during the third hour of church where we watched some videos that showed His birth, life, death and resurrection. I hope to be better each day at being a follower of Jesus Christ.  Thankfully I have His help since I'm not always very strong on my own.  

On this Easter Sunday I also had to give a little Easter good basket (er...rather bucket) to my husband who is so good to me.  I improvised by using sticky-notes to write a little Easter message. 

Since today is Easter, I guess tomorrow I will take down paper Easter bunny garland that I made a few weeks ago at our Relief Society (church women's group) activity.  It's been so cute hanging in the entry way, I'll be a little bit sad to take it down until next year. 
 And last but not least...I have a great church assignment in our new ward (church congregation) where I get to work in the young women organization.  As one of my duties I was asked to have birthday cards for each of the girls when it's their birthday.  I could have just bought cards, but I wanted to make cards that incorporated the values for the young women organization especially since I have all sorts of scrapbook paper.  Here's what I came up with
That's all for now on this beautiful Easter Sunday!  I hope you all enjoy your day!

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