Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fly by November

This month has flown by with me barely blinking it seems (as evidence of my lull in blog posts)!  So, what have I been up to and what is on the horizon?!
In hopes to be prepared for the Christmas season, we took some fun photos to use for our Christmas cards. 
This isn't the photo we actually used for our Christmas card, but it was one of the funny out takes the photographers (aka my parents) captured of us.
Last week for Thanksgiving we enjoyed time with family and friends in a beautiful place away from home.  Gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery all around spent on the Northern California Coast.

Since we've been back from our Thanksgiving trip, I've got Christmas on the brain!  Christmas cards are almost ready to send out, the tree is up, and lights are on the house! With those things done, there's still quite a list of things to do for home, work, etc., but I'll try to not stresss about it.  I'm trying to be on top of everything so I can enjoy the Christmas season and enjoy our family trip to Hawaii (that should be a great place to de-stress)!  So much coming up...if only I could skip sleeping ;)

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