Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I wish you love, my snickerdoodle

Happy Valentine's day!  It seems like the weeks have flown by so quickly, so much so that I barely had time to do anything special for my Valentine, yikes!  I wish I had more time to whip up a very thoughtful dinner, create a very sentimental card and bake a delightful dessert...but during this busy month of packing and moving I was just glad to sneak in some time for my sweetie's favorite cookies.  Snickerdoodles!   I put a little Valentine spin on them by shaping them into hearts.  I happened to find this cute inexpensive plate to put them on when I was out last week doing what else, but buying more paint for the walls in the house!  So I'm glad I got to use the plate to put Valentine goodies on.  During a busy time such as this, today just reminded me that it's important everyday to tell the ones close to me that I love them, especially my snickerdoodle ; )

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