Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Martha inspired cupcakes

Several months ago I wanted to find a good German chocolate cake recipe to make for Clint's birthday and my search led me to this fabulous recipe!  In all honesty this is what I would have loved to have made for Valentine's day, but time didn't seem to permit me to make this delectable treat.  So, I made time this last weekend and whipped up my spin on the recipe...cupcakes!  For my variation I scooped out a little bit of each of the cupcakes after they baked, and then filled them with the pecan/coconut mixture, the I dipped the top of the each of them in the chocolate ganache. Once the ganache settled slightly I topped each cupcake with an extra pecan garnish.  Yummy!  They seemed to be a hit with our Sunday school class, of course enjoyed with a glass of milk!
*Note I also used semi-sweet chocolate for the ganache to tone down the richness of the recipe. 

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