Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The "yellow house" is moving!

So where have I been all week?!  Obviously not in blog land!  Since last week I have been a busy bee getting things ready for our move into our new (old) house.  Crazy, but true!  It's been a stressful, exciting, surreal last week and a half since we signed papers and got the keys to the little home pictured here.

I'll be painting the inside (every room!) over the next couple days with the assistance of some helpers (thank you family!!) and Clint will continue to do the handy-man things to make it our own. 
Of course with this new place we have to call our own we happen to have a few extra rooms that I'll get to decorate!  And, there's a big backyard and front yard that will need a gardener's touch!  Can't wait to get started on all the projects!! 

Clint was the camera man.  Love the house, my yellow dress, and flower head-band (made by my lil sis-in-law)!

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