Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've got big plans!!

Okay, so maybe BIG plans is a bit exaggerated, but I have plans for at least a couple of DIY projects when we finish getting moved in to our new place.  One of the first ones is a fun lamp that I plan on putting in the living room.  I decided I had to share my plans since I am also very pleased with the deals I got on all the components!

This lamp was found for $10 at Restore, a place where you can get all sorts of leftover and slightly used things for your home...and the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.
I found this perfect size lamp shade when I went to Goodwill.  Guess how much it was!  Only 50 cents!  It was a half off everything day since it was President's day.
On the same outing to Goodwill I found this pillow case that had a print that I think will be fabulous for the living room.  And I got it for the lovely price of...50 cents!  Again, half off day was in my favor!

So with $11 dollars invested into this lamp project I think I'm doing pretty good.  I happen to have spray adhesive and a hot glue gun, so I will choose my appropriate tool when I get to this little project and... light up the living room!!
The only question is, should I put the stripes vertically or horizontally?  I'm thinking horizontally, that seems to look right to me, but what do you think? 
vertical? or...

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