Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spooktacular stuff {part 1}

The excitement of the upcoming haunted holiday has made it's way to our house and we're geared up for the fun & festivities that we'll get to enjoy in the coming weeks.  But we don't have to keep the excitement limited to just festivities and parties! 
For this spooky season I decided to make a few simple decorations that I'll be sharing in a 3-part series.  Not only are these Halloween decorations easy and cute, they were inexpensive to make! 
The bewitching hour is about to begin!  

I started out with 3 mini white pumpkins (about 60 cents each at the grocery store) and used black paint I had to paint on a single letter on each pumpkin. 
With each pumpkin painted with a letter, they are ready to put on display 

Well that was easy {and cute!}  and I since the paint is water based, I bet I can scrub off the letters after Halloween and use them for the remainder of the fall season!  
Stay tuned for more spooktacular fun!

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